About Us

Heroes & Heroines Capital Ltd is a technologies and marketplace developer focused on helping businesses achieve digital transformation.

Applications We Could Build Include
1. Single Vendor E-Commerce Platforms
2. Multivendor E-Commerce Platforms
3. E-Learning Platforms for Schools
4. E-Learning Platforms for Public Tutors like udemy.com
5. Social Media Platforms like facebook.com
6. Touchscreen Point Of Sale Applications
7. Non-touchscreen Point of Sale Applications
8. Automated Purchase Order Applications
9. Single-Agency Real Estate Listing Platform
10. Multi-Agencies Real Estate Listing Platform
11. Sales Order Generator for Mobile Devices
12. Automated Invoice Generator
13. Inventory Management Apps for Mobile Devices
14. Automated Certificate Builder for Schools
15. Customizable Data Entry Forms for Schools
16. Expenses Tracker for Mobile Devices
17. Drag and Drop Schedule Builder
18. SMS Gateway Application
19. Equipment Rental Management Application
20. Customer Management Application
21. Monthly Budget Application
22. Zoom-In Balance Sheet Application
23. Automated Email Collection Application, etc

Our Team Members

Grace Marshall

Head of Customer Relations

Abiodun Samuel

Head of Vendors Relations

Beauty Ekpenyong

Head of Apps Development

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